What Is It?

ActivePresenter is an advanced presentation tool, designed especially for computer software simulations. It works by capturing the screen and what you do on it. It then saves it to its program and allows for it to be exported to an .avi video file. It will also add little boxes for tutorials that make it similar to Captivate.

How is it Used?

The program is useful for making tutorials. That would seem like its best use however it can also be used for making PowerPoint presentations into .avi formats by just capturing the screen when they are running. However, the problem with this is that the quality is not amazing and will lead to the animations not coming through.

How Can I get Started?

To download the program go to this link and select the "full installation packages" link. This will began the ActivePresenter setup. Once the program is downloaded you can open the program and start to capture instantly.

Related Technologies and Resources

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