What Is It?

Audacity is a free, open source audio editing program. It runs on Windows, Mac OS-X and Linux/Unix. Audacity can record live audio and convert audio files into a wide array of easy file types. It also has advanced audio editing features.

How is it Used?

Audacity is primarily used to edit sound files. If you only want to play part of a song or interview in class, audacity is the program for you. If you want to slow down, speed up, or alter pitch, audacity can handle that as well. Audacity can open and edit sound files or record any sound playing through your computer's sound card (This could be off the internet, a CD, video or patched into your computer via microphone, cassette or turntable.) Use Audacity in conjunction with PodCast to create podcasts of your lectures. Or, use it merely to remix music. Then Audacity can export your edited sound as an MP3 or WAV file.

How Can I get Started?

First, go to Audacity's website, select the download tab and download and install the appropriate version of the program. You can use Audacity to edit a sound file you already have or create a sound file with a microphone and your computer. Two really good Audacity tutorials are below. The first video is how to install Audacity onto a PC. The second video has two parts and shows how to download on a Mac while also showing a tutorial on how to use Audacity which will be useful for both Mac and PC owners as the basic layout of Audacity is similar between the two OS.

Install Audacity on a PC

Watch this video to learn how to install Audacity

Downloading/Tutorial for Macs:

Exporting As An MP3:

To export as an Mp3 file in Audacity select the "File tab" then scroll down to "export as mp3". A save window will pop, specify what you want it named as and where you would like to save it. Click the "Save" button and the Mp3 will save to where ever you specified. This is also possible to do for Wav files.

The Uconn Journalism site also has this fantastic help file!

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