What Is It?

Captivate is a program used to create step by step tutorial videos by capturing what the user is doing on his or her screen. This is a very useful program if the user wants to demonstrate how to do something such as using certain features on a website or demonstrating how to use a new program.

How is it Used?

To create these tutorials captivate captures the users screen and produces a video of all the users actions. Lets say if you click on say a sign in button, captivate will create a little text box that will say 'Click Here'. Captivate also tracks the movement of your cursor to show your screens exact movements. There is also a feature where as the cursor in the captivate presentation presses a button, then user also has to click it also to continue the presentation.
Captivate has many useful features like this to make it a very appealing program.

This video briefly talks about the features of Captivate:

How do I Use Captivate?

Captivate is very simple to use. After you open Captivate, click on "Record or Create a new Project". Once you've clicked on that, a new screen will come asking you to select how you would like to record the screen. Choose custom size because it tends to work the best. Once you've done that you'll see a red box which will be which portion of the screen Captivate will capture. Press record and Captivate will begin capturing the screen and recording all your mouse movement and exactly where you click.

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