DimDim has been sold to another company. All accounts will be closed as of March 15.

Another useful and free service no longer available.. sigh...

What Is DimDim?

DimDim is a web-based web conferencing application that allows the user to have a web conference or virtual class with other invite-only members.

DimDim Information

Can show other members in the conference your computer screen.
Can have someone else in the conference show you their computer screen.
Allows the conference moderator to show the rest of the views a PowerPoint presentation.
A certain application of DimDim allows the moderator to write on the screen.
The moderator can transfer his or her power over the conference to another member to allow them to have all the features a moderator would.
Excellent audio quality.
Easily allows the moderator to show YouTube videos.
Allows moderator to show HuskyCT through the computer screen sharing feature.
The moderator can share various web links, which allows the other members to watch as you view specific websites.
Can have up to 20 members at once all view the same conference.

How Can I get Started?

First start off by creating a DimDim account. This video demonstrates how to create an account, log-in and host a virtual conference:

The Different Features in DimDim

There are many different features in DimDim.

Invite Members

The first this to do after creating a conference is to invite members. To invite members look on the left side of the page. There you'll see a button that says "Invite...". Click that button and a pop-up should come up. In the top box of that pop-up, you enter in the email addresses of all the people you want to attend the conference, with each email address separated by a semi-colon. You can also type a message in the box below for each person to view when they receive the email. when you're done with that press DimDim eMail and the invites will be sent.

Change Different Viewing Screens

There are four different viewing screens in DimDim:
  • One is the computer sharing screen
  • The second is the Whiteboard
  • The third is the Documents screen
  • And the last is the Web Page viewer

These features are located in the top left hand side of your screen. The first allows all of your participants in the conference to view your screen. The second brings up a whiteboard where you can draw on or write on, and allow all the other participants in the conference to see. The third is also quite useful. It allows the conference moderator to upload a Powerpoint from his or her compute for the rest of the members to see. The forth allows the moderator to enter in a website and scroll through while the others watch and follow along. To activate any of these features one just clicks the desired one in the top left hand corner of the page.

Entering the Conference via Phone

Another way to enter into the conference is by using the phone. On the way top of the page on the right side is a phone number and a passcode. To enter into the conference by phone, you call the given number and type in the passcode on your phone. Once you do that, you'll be able to hear all the audio from the conference along with providing your own input!

Public Chat

Another of feature of DimDim is the Public Chat opinion. Say your audio or microphone was not working and you needed to communicate with everyone else. The Public Chat feature located on the right side of the page, allows you to have a chat with the other members of the conference in case you don't have a microphone to use to speak to everyone else.

Record Your Conference

There is a feature in Dimdim that allows the moderator to record the conference to save for later use. To do this just click the little red "Record" bottom in the top middle of the screen. That allows DimDim to capture the conference up to when the moderator chooses to.