What Is It?

Youtube has a variety of free video content available and able to show to students. This will embed the Youtube file directly into your HuskyCT website.

How is it Used?

This will make the content easier to view rather than going all the way to the Youtube link. Here it will be put on a page in your HuskyCT

How Can I get Started?

Embed a YouTube video into a HuskyCT Webpage
Step 1: Open HuskyCT and create the page where you wish to insert a YouTube video.
Step 2: In a second browser window, open YouTube and find your video.
Step 3: Select the light blue button to the right of the video


Step 4: You can use the menu that appears to edit the color, size, and whether or not you want to include related videos. Everything in this menu is optional.
Step 5: Select and copy the embed link. These can be quite long, so be sure to select the entire link.


Step 6: Return to your HuskyCT page. Select “Enable HTML Creator”


Step 7: Select the “Source View” tab, and paste the embed link between the two <body> tags. Hit ‘Save.”



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