What Is It?


Final Cut Pro is a very in-depth video editing program made by Apple. It is a more professional version of iMovie. It is designed specifically for Macs and has a pretty simple layout if you know how to use it. Final Cut Pro is known for its abundant features and endless possibilities for editing movies.

How is it Used?

Final Cut Pro is used to edit movies with unmatched precision. Some of the Final Cut Pro features are:

  • Precision editing and trimming which allows you to Choose from a comprehensive set of edits, including Insert, Overwrite, Replace, Fit-to-fill, Superimpose, and Swap Edit. Then fine-tune your choices with Ripple, Roll, Slip, Slide, Extend, and Shorten, either in the Timeline or in a dedicated Trim window.
  • Real-time multicam editing Simultaneously view and cut from up to 16 multicamera sources on the same window.
  • Flexible markers or color-coded clip and sequence markers helpful for searching for or jumping directly to important locations in your movie.
  • Fully customizable interface Easily customize window layouts and Timeline track sizes; customize Browser column order, width, and layout; and adjust font size in the Browser and Timeline.
  • Audio sweetening Mix and enhance audio directly in Final Cut Pro, with 24 channels of audio input and output in a 99-track timeline, all at up to 24-bit, 96kHz resolution.
  • Pristine finishing and frame-accurate output High-quality effects processing, including 32-bit floating-point filters, ensure that picture-in-picture effects or effects with fine detail will look crisp and beautiful.
  • Enhanced media management Quickly and accurately copy, move, and consolidate projects. Search, sort, and sift right in the Browser to rapidly find the assets you need for your project.

More information on the features can be found here.

How Can I get Started?

To get started you must purchase Final Cut Studio which will cost approximately $1,000 directly from the Apple store. After that it is recommended you go through the help files and tutorials located here to understand how to use all of Final Cut Pro's features.

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