What Is It?

Mozilla Firefox competes with Internet Explorer in the web browser market. Firefox has many user friendly and useful features that, when used correctly, really can benefit the user. One of these features is Add-Ons. Firefox Add-Ons are created by Firefox users, not necessarily the Firefox developers. They are tools that are installed into the browser that enhance the web browsing experience.

How is it Used?

Firefox Add-Ons are used to enhance different aspects of the Firefox browser. There are many different categories of Add-Ons. Some useful categories include Dictionary & Language Packs and Language Support which allow you to add different languages to Firefox's spell checker and translate web pages and text into a multitude of different languages.

Other useful categories include Download Management and Search Tools . The Download Management category allows you to install Add-Ons that can download web videos, audio, and picture galleries at the click of a button. The Search Tools category allows you to install Add-Ons that can enhance search functions such as Google, Wikipedia , and Amazon .

How Can I get Started?

If you do not have Firefox installed, you can find the download link here . Exploring the categories of Firefox Add-Ons will allow you to browse through an enormous selection, as well as search for any Add-On that you think you need. The Firefox browser can be tailored to any specific user's needs through Add-Ons.

It is important to ask yourself questions in order to figure out which Add-Ons are best for you. What do you need/want to improve about your web browsing experience? Do you want to be able to download YouTube videos . Do you want to be able to access your bookmarks on any computer connected to the internet? You'll be surprised as to how much you can do with these simple tools. You just need to find the right ones!

Related Technologies and Resources

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