Welcome! This wiki has been created for members of the EdTech Network Group

What Is It?

Wikis can be used for a multitude of purposes. In our case, we've created this wiki for members of the EdTech Network Group to share information about various technologies and how they can be used for teaching and learning. We also see this as an opportunity for us to get some hands on experience operating in the wiki world. This collaborative project will include all the EdTechNet group members as editors. Initially we plan to focus on developing the content of the wiki, but soon we hope to promote is as a resource for UConn instructors and the ed tech community at large. For an example of the kind of resource we are hoping to create for our group and others interested in emerging technologies and innovative uses of familiar technologies, check out this site: University of Florida's Center for Instructional Technology and Training

How Can I get Started?

Use the navigation bar on the left to find information on lots of different technologies. Each technology is tagged with important identifiers: a larger topic that it fits under, such as Audio and Visual, and cross-reference information, such as helpful freeware or audio-editing. If you don't find the information to the left, use our Suggestion Box to give us new ideas or the New Page link in the top-left to contribute your own information! Remember, if you add your own, please use our New Content Template to keep the wiki looking nice and clean! There's also some good You Tube videos about Wiki Spaces to help you out!

Related Technologies

For related technologies, check out all our Web 2.0 resources!