HuskyCT, or Husky Course Tools, is the learning management system at the University of Connecticut. We are currently using Blackboard Learning System - Vista Enterprise System - Version 8 as the platform for HuskyCT.

For an extensive list of help files on our use of HuskyCT visit the Instructional Resource Center HuskyCT Help File Index page.

For basic information on how to get started using HuskyCT at UConn visit the Instructional Resource Center HuskyCT Basics page.

Some HuskyCT tools:
  • Safe Assign
  • Assessments (quizzes and surveys)
  • Assignments
  • Discussion
  • Grade Book
  • HTML creator

Multimedia use in HuskyCT
  • Embed YouTube video
  • Display RSS feeds
  • Embed audio
  • Upload audio
  • Use images
  • Create and add a banner
  • Embed Slideshare
  • Add Flash tutorials

Related tools/applications:
  • Respondus
  • StudyMate
  • Clickers